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Parminder Kaur Sharma is proud of her every project. She is passionate about bringing a change in the society with her words. Browse through the list of titles below.

Books by Parminder Kaur Sharma

The Chutney called Marriage

              ...from the diary of a daring husband !

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Manav - an ordinary husband, just like a coriander- tasteless, more or less useless, needed just at the end.

Piya - the melodramatic wife, master in the art of making even the simplest things complicated, just like the Chili.

Maa - Manav’s mother- the Mint factor in their life.

While Manav is still struggling with the universe's till date unresolved mysteries - How can she? Why can’t she? Why does she? - His chutney of life gets more spicy with Lime- n- lemony Leena, Manav’s sister and salty Mummy ji, Piya’s mother.

Would he be able to survive when all the Marvel Heroes of his family come together under one roof?

Would he be able to find the perfect balance between his wife and mother that every husband strives for?

With everyone trying to take the credit for all the flavours, would they be able to make the perfect chutney?

Grab your copy to find the answers from some incredible moments of a husband's life.

For the fans of - Two States by Chetan Bhagat.
Disclaimer: Not a cookbook, so suitable for all acidity levels.


The Ladies Compartment

Extraordinary Tales of Ordinary Women...

                                             Inspired by true events.

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It started like any other day for her. The same train, the same route. Little did she know, today her train would be taking her on an unforgettable journey.


Five thrilling stories of love, betrayal, and deception, inspired by true events. 


Vaidehi, Tarini, Bhavya, Ramaa and Bhaumi, all had one thing in common. They did not know to give up, to lose hope despite being stuck in the maze of lies and betrayal. 


Would they be able to uncover the hidden truth and find their true purpose, their true identity? 


Would they be able to break the so-called norms and stand against society and their own families?


Order now to hop into The Ladies Compartment, to witness the extraordinary tales of ordinary

From Monkeying
                        To Parenting

Your Complete and Crisp Parenting Guide

Are you struggling with your child’s tantrums or child bullying or want to know ways to engage a hyperactive child or wonder how to make your child a better and effective learner? Then this book is for you. It also serves to deal with the indirect partners of parenting- your relationship with your husband, your mother-in-law, your child's teacher, and of course your own self.

Bonus: Ten tried and tested tips!


This book makes us ponder that are we consciously parenting our children in a true sense or are just monkeying around in our daily stroll between home and office. 

Almost in every organization, we are given some basic induction training before starting our new role. To make the fresh recruit, accustomed to the new role and responsibilities. Then how are we presumed to know about such an important job of raising the next generation? 


Parenting should be a separate academic course or at least, a compulsory subject in our education system. It is because simply giving birth to a child and providing him or her basic amenities is not parenting.


This book is a compilation of the author’s Parenting Sutras- the solutions to the issues that we daily face in our family, issues that are quite subtle but if not addressed the right way, at the right time may soon aggravate to bigger problems.

About the Author

Parminder Kaur Sharma  being a multifaceted personality, is a Banker by profession, Engineer by qualification and a Writer by passion.


She is a Best Selling Author and has both fiction and non-fiction books to her credit. She is also the recipient of SuperWomen Award-2021 by Forever Star India Awards.


Her aim is to create a positive impact in the lives of her readers through her writing.

She is also a doting mother and an enthusiastic runner.   

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