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2 things my childhood vacations taught me !

My mom, while on vacations, always asked us to keep things intact .

Papa had his wallet , watch , pen put on the bedside table in the hotel room.

“Why are you keeping them like we would be staying here for always . Keep things packed.”

My parents used to prefer the hotel room without TV ( yes !! They had and rated it separately at that time ) as they opinioned that being whole day outside why would we need to watch TV when back to room ? “We are just to stay for a night or two. Why do we need it ?”

That taught me two excellent lessons.

1. We should always be prepared to leave.

Like during vacations, we are temporarily here on this world. Why do we spread things around us as if we are eternal ? We are planning for our life as it never going to end . I am not against to planning for future but do we need to forgo our today for its sake ?

2. We should rate the things against the chart of necessity.

Again related to my lesson no 1 , when we know we are temporarily here why not concentrate on important and necessary things only, keeping in mind the purpose of our journey ? Why do we keep on accumulate things irrespective of its usability/ requirement ?

This reminds me of another beautiful thing my mom says.

“Clutter outside is clutter inside.”

Do you agree ? Waiting for your views.

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

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