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Art of Faking

How often do we say things like ‘Take Care’ , ‘Keep in touch’, ‘Call u back’ , ‘Miss you’ ?

How often do we actually mean it ?

Even the receiving end reciprocates immediately by saying ‘ You too’.

Even when we share (or exploit our Data limit) with Good Morning messages / GIFs do we really wish the other person to have a ‘good’ morning.

We have been so accustomed to this routine that now we don’t even realise that we are lying and just being fake. Words transfer from one person to another simply bypassing the heart. We never mean them just utter them.

Do we really need such plastic flowers?

Just a thought ..

Wish you all a fabulous morning and I mean it , this time . 😊

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma.

#goodmorning #community #society #fake #wishes

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