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Bread and Bitter

Another powerful yet heart wrenching Post by Mrs Asha Desai .. yes you recalled her right … The Iron Lady !!!!Over to her now …

An article I read left me not only shocked but pondering over highly depleted morals

Police found the remains of a 70 year old dead woman (preserved by her five unemployed sons) with ink stains on her thumb to avail family pension of 40K which she was drawing after death of her husband.

What kind of life the mother would have lived and what kind of trauma she would have gone through during the last days of her life where all her sons are unemployed including two married ones.

She was earning ‘bread and (not butter but) other essentials’ not only for her sons but their family too.

Despite this, she was not given the due departure which was her right.

How can anyone be so selfish?

To remain unemployed is not a choice if one is ready to labour out.

Is it not for every adult to work and earn a living and not be a parasite on parents for ever ?

No job is small if one does it with dignity.

Isn’t it that society is living on easy money – monthly pension received to sustain so many members in this case.

The demand list of son/ daughter is never ending to satiate the impulses of the mind leaving the parents guilty for not able to provide all.

Where has the society gone wrong? As a parent, it is one’s duty not only for upbringing the kids but also to teach values in life.

Ours is a country having history of values and sanskars, where has it all gone?

Not that parents are not inculcating values, but that has taken a back seat given the OVER EXPOSURE which is not handled by youth. Lack of experience is leading to chaos, unsatisfaction drawing to suicide.

Is there a solution to overcome given scenario?

This guest post was contributed by Mrs Asha Desai.

Pic Courtsey

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