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By definition , communication means to impart or to exchange information through writing , speaking or any other means.

This tool is said to be capable of resolving any conflict, no matter how big it is.

Ironically, today this mechanism itself has evolved as the biggest problem in relationships.

We don’t mean what we say and vice versa. We are more keen to read/ hear between the lines than the actual words. Words uttered result more in misunderstanding rather than meeting its actual purpose.

The worst part, we hardly care to resolve those misunderstandings.

May be we are forgetting the real art of communication. In the mad race of updating status or hash tags on social media  we are forgetting the essence of chat, (read gup-shup) that we  used to share earlier. Be it neighbouring ladies talk time or group of teens gossiping all of it has become a rare sight and the worst hit is family chat time .

Lets bring that zing back. Lets just talk, not to prove any point , not to boast , not to judge but just talk. It’s one of those features, only we human beings are blessed with. Lets make the maximum use of it for the benefit of all.

Keep chatting.

Please do write your views on the same. Do you feel social media had brought people close or have separated them ? Please share your comments.

“Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it 😊”

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