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Daily Prompt Suddenly

Via Daily Prompt Suddenly

During last month I had tried to respond to daily post almost on regular basis but it soon, on its own started to fade.

Suddenly, today I purposely searched for today’s prompt to write few lines .

What we see as something happening suddenly, does it really happen all of a sudden ?

Like it was a not just at this moment but I was missing responding to these prompts that led me here today.

The moment we notice the flower bud on the plant of our garden one fine morning, the moment it starts raining on an otherwise clear day, the moment an egg is hatched and a small baby bird comes out .. are these all acting suddenly?

Definitely not .. it’s a long series of events happening just in the right order, just in the right time.

Sudden can then be thought of that moment of our realisation of , otherwise continuous happening, event.

May be a sophisticated way to hide our ignorance.

Just like, before writing this , I never realised and it’s Only now, suddenly learnt so much about it – Suddenly.

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma.

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