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Down with Typhoid

Typhoid was just another term for me, until it hit me with its perfect timing.

When I had planned so many things to do for my job, my blog, my book, my newly launched website and for my kids’s upcoming term exams, I was caught unaware with this!!

As I have been sharing the daily experiences of my Happy go lucky life as a Banker -cum- Parent -turned- Author, I won’t let Typhoid dampen my spirit too.

So here I am sharing my Do’s and Don’t’s when this disease knocks your door.

Causes of Typhoid

Typhoid is said be spread with contaminated water and food. However there is another cause of infection that is, sharing wash rooms with infected person. So, if by bad luck, you or any of your family member gets infected, make sure you let the patient use a separate toilet to stop further spreading of this disease.

To be on the safer side, the family and other close associates may get themselves vaccinated too (if not already done).

The Diet

You know just before my vitals declared this to me, I was feasting on Chole bhature, samosa, tikki and churma ( Remember the Rangeela Jaipur trip !). Totally opposite to what I should be having.

So it’s utmost important to get yourself diagnosed for the actual cause of illness rather than just blaming it on routine fatigue, the mistake that I made.

The diet that should be followed is that how we start feeding the child on his weaning-off stage. Giving liquid or semi-solid diet like daliya, sooji, banana and yoghurt.

The idea is to least exert your intestine that takes the toll of your typhoid.

Drink plenty of fluids including lemonade and coconut water. Remain hydrated.

Consume boiled water and you can recover pretty fast if you can add Giloy and Tulsi to it. To take care of the acidity part you may add a pinch of saunf to it also.

The antibiotics and multivitamin supplements follow a lengthy routine and make sure you don’t miss it under any chance. Despite your getting the signals of recovery, don’t discontinue the medication as well as health supplements.

Most importantly, (this one is from my mother in law !) take ample amount of rest. As I shared I got this disease when I had a long ‘To-do’ list ahead of me and lying down at this time seemed to me such a waste of time. But to make sure you hit back on your routine soon, it is very important to get proper rest.

The most trouble-some part of it is, the severe headache, the body ache and the stomach ache even after the fever vanishes.

I wish none of my readers ever get sick. But if, by bad luck, you find yourself caught with it, learn from my mistakes and take care of yourself, as we all have a long ‘To-do’ list to complete.

Most Important: This was based on my personal experience. Please consult your doctor in case of any ailment.

Wish you all a good health.

Pic Courtesy Can Stock.

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

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