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Facing the failure…

"Those who don’t fail have never tried.”

"Failure is the part of process.”

And there are many other quotes on failures. May be these are written, to make, those who fail, feel better about it. But trust me it never does.

Failure never feels good.

It haunts, it dares and it insults you.

We all are guilty of bragging about our success with friends and I am no exception. You know the social media ‘status’s’ and ‘stories’. Even my last post was one of such kind, where I shared about how I achieved my success in running starting from 5 reaching upto 25 kms.

And here I am today. Writing about my first running failure. My first attempt to full marathon, 42 km that I failed.

I had planned so much for it, for my Instagram reels and whatspp status after I get my medal. Never did I thought what if I never make it to the finish line.

I did my best 10km today but after that I just crashed. I don’t know what exactly happened. after 15 it was over. My mind, my will, my strength ditched me. Never ever in my five years, 13 events running, did this happen.

I looked back to see only a few runners behind me, not to mention they were gasping for breath but they continued …and I quit.

I agree aiming for 42km was being over-ambitious but presently I am in my, so called, best of the running forms.

My nonstop strides have increased considerably and have participated in two half marathons in last three months. Despite suffering from flu early this month, in the last 15 days combined, I have already run 56 kms. Yet I failed.

But no matter how much we hate it, it’s true that failure teaches us more lessons than success. And I too learned some valuable lessons, the harder way.

1. Know yourself. Know your limitations.

After I resumed the running post covid and completed half marathon (21 km) in Oct ‘22 and a 25 km run, in Dec ‘22, I immediately jumped to running a full marathon. I should have given more time in making myself comfortable and improving my half marathon performances rather than rushing to the next level.

2. Consistency and discipline.

My husband has rightly said- one can do a 10k or half marathon without proper training but not something like a full marathon. Catching up with your running shoes a month before the event day could be sufficient for smaller goals but not for something as prestigious and mammoth as 42kms.

3. Perform first, brag later.

No one is interested in you and your life. I know this, but still I couldn’t refrain from over-sharing my running goals and plans within my circle. Though I am blessed to have a supportive group of friends. Still, next time they will get to know about anything only after I achieve it.

4. Success is one more attempt after failure.

Came across the above quote last night as the WhatsApp status of one of my colleagues’. Little did I know how much would it mean to me today. Till yesterday, I wanted to become a marathoner but now i yearn for it, it has become my obsession. Now the goal seem so precious and this is all because of the failure I faced today.

I don’t know when will I be able to achieve my goal but today I am sure of one thing. I am gonna achieve it one day and I am not going to stop till I achieve that. I owe this to myself.

Do you too have some failure or success stories to share? Please add in your comments. I am waiting for your story.

Till then, keep chasing your dreams. All the best!

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2023

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