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Focus as a Funnel

‘We don’t have time for all this’ , replied my friends , while I was advocating the need , not benefits, of meditation in our daily routine.

‘We have such a hectic schedule with job, kids , home .. so many things to take care of . We are already struggling to manage all these . How can we even think about it ? Please don’t preach us any more.’

But I chose to persuade further. ‘Do you get time to go to parlour for your regular upkeep ? It’s the same . It’s for the upkeep of our mind , body and soul. If you are in harmony with your self, you would not have to manage the things around you. You would be able to perform all your jobs effortlessly.’

Like an inverted funnel, if the focus is correct and pointed it will benefit your entire periphery of life . But if you don’t pay attention on how the things are getting poured up there, how can the life around you down there benefit from it. Moreover , we never know , on getting better at the funnel focus , we might feel like having a bigger one to encompass even more for our life.

Focus like a funnel.

Do you find funnel an important part in the processing of pouring or so you think we can carry on without it also ? Would love to know your views.

“Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it.” Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

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