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From 5 to 25 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Updated: Jan 7

Running is the craziest stuff I have been doing for past few years. I dance to my fav tunes while I run and how it makes me feel is not something that I can describe in words.

Running triggers something inside you. It makes you feel free .. free from all bounds .. makes you feel elated...

It all started in March 2018 with my first 5km run at Soldierathon Run, Delhi.

Cannot recall exactly what triggered me to start it. May be it was the fear of being left out when hubby was running in one event after another. But once I started doing it there was no looking back.

I still remember the day before my first run. I was worried whether or not I would be able to complete my maiden run. What if, I am not able to make it to the finish line.. what if, I faint out .. what if .. those ifs and buts you know..

I am lucky to be married to my best friend who always make me overcome my fears. He literally ran with me that day for my 5 after completing his Half Marathon 21.5 km.

After that it was me with my version upgrade.

Did my first 10k at Noida HM in same month March 2018.

Another 10k in April 2018 at Daily World Marathon, Chandigarh.

Participated under 10k category in Prestigious Airtel HM in October 2018.

Super Sikh Run 10km in December 2018.

and the same month I did my first run in hilly terrain 5km with Tuffman at Kasauli.

It was more daring than chilling but it was fun.

That gave me confidence to upgrade myself from a runner to half marathoner.

Did my first 21.5 km half marathon in Feb '19 in New Delhi Marathon

And with the versions upgrade comes the desire to keep up the pace. Did another 10k at Contribution Run, Noida in May '19.

And it now was my turn for another upgrade. Did my first 10k in hilly terrain with Shoolini Run , Solan in June 2019.

They say kids don't follow what you say but what you do.

Was Proud to share a run with my son in Aug '19 at Suryathon, IndiraPuram.

Soon I challenged my lungs bit more with Ladakh run . Did my 7k at Ladakah, Tuffman in Sep 2019, (which was equivalent to 14 for me if not 21 😀)

Then it was long break to running events due to pandemic outbreak.

But I bounced back with my second Half Marathon in October '22 at Airtel, Delhi.

And finally the longest leap so far the Tata steel Kolkatta 25k in Dec '22.

Although my dream of running a full marathon 42.2 km still seem remain unfulfilled but the journey has been enriching so far. But none of this could have been possible had it not been my husband who has been supporting me all through. He has been literally pushing me into achieving whatsoever I have, so far.

So what are your waiting for. Grab your shoes and !!!

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