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Getting too logical ..

Kaida … Kaida ..Akhir fayda..

(What’s the use of so many rules ?)

This song has been my personal favourite from my childhood days. Not only for the reason of great performances by the players on camera and behind the camera, involved, but more because of that imaginary world where this song takes me.

You can enjoy the same too.

Blue sun , Moon on ground laiden with Ice cream ..Toffees on plants and ladoos on trees ..

I had always enjoyed it listening .

However, when I recently introduced this song to my kids, they were not much amused.

My 7 years old daughter (6 years 2 months to be specific) find it impractical, unrealistic and illogical.

Putting it in her words,

“Mumma, is it ever possible. Who could even think that way ?”

Undoubtedly kids today are sharp in logic but do we really need to have that logical outlook always that too at such a young age ?

I enjoyed it because I could surrender to the song and let my imagination flow wherever it took me.

It’s good to see the rational thinking of kids but at the same time I wonder isn’t it too much too early ?

The illogical, impractical and irrational childish mind is growing up too fast. Don’t you think so ?

Or am I, as usual, overthinking?

Do let me know …

Pic courtesy :

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma.

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