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Grab a Vacation!

Vacation : root word vacate.

To Vacate your mind from the routine clutter and it’s associated stress .

In today’s s time all the family members just assemble in the evening to get dinner and sleep ( the quality of both is another topic of concern) and launch themselves again next morning.

Take every opportunity to break this Senseless cycle and vacation is the best way for it. Mind you.. it must be a vacation and not another hectic  ‘to finish’ itinerary  list.

Make it as relaxing as possible.

Not only it’s gives the chance to our kids to be close to nature (both outer nature and their own inner nature) but also an opportunity for the entire family to enjoy a heart to heart talk.

No preaching , no judgements , just talk.

So whenever you get the next chance to vacate .. just pack up!!

Meanwhile I am waiting for your vacation ideas .

“Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it 😊”

Copyright 2018 (Parminder Kaur Sharma )

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