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Happy Examination 👍🏻

It’s Examination time again ..

This is the time when we parents are our fierceful best with our child’s studies.

Today morning, I saw one such mom taking last minute revision test of her daughter. She was utilising her time in the society’s elevator while one the way of dropping her to school.

My appeal to all the parents – please go easy .

It’s not their fault that you could not involve yourself in their acaedemics all through the year.

It’s not their fault that the teacher could not complete the syllabus in time.

It’s not their fault that they missed the revision tests due to your family functions .

The grades are undoubtedly important but don’t overrate them.

Let them enjoy the assessments as much as they enjoy their annual functions.

Let yourself enjoy this journey too with them.

Help them learn to stay calm and peaceful at every juncture of life and not to panic. Help them overcome this stress and not exaggerate it.

Your kids are doing a brilliant job. Just have faith and enjoy with them.

Wish you all a very Happy Examination

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

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