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Happy MahaShivratri

Comparing or even using the two days in the same sentence seems inappropriate. No, I am not getting into culture debates and the controversy whether we should or not celebrate Valentine day.

It’s because SHIVA is everything. SHIVA is complete and with him you really don’t need anything else. Actually nothing else exists other than SHIVA.

To make things more simple and able to co-relate for my new and mod generation , allow me to put the analogy here.

SHIVA is love and purity. SHIVA is limitless , is everywhere. One cannot imagine life and creation without the essence of SHIVA. SHIVA is formless. SHIVA is absolute and supreme. SHIVA is everything . And with SHIVA comes SHAKTI, the goddess of Power. What is SHIVA is how your define love in all forms all ‘valentines‘.

So when else can Valentine day better celebrated than this auspicious day.

Happy Shivratri .

The ultimate Valentine of all times and beyond..

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