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Lessons my Auto Driver teaches me..

Lesson #1

First and foremost when he doesn’t turn up , he teaches me the lesson –

Nothing is Permanent.

This ensures I do not get overdependent on anything and It helps me brush my ‘hunt for survival’ skills.

Lesson #2

Second, when I start looking for other options , I am often at the mercy of these other driver’s sweet will whether to drop me at my destination or choose to move forward on their way. This teaches me-

To face Rejection.

Things won’t always turn up the way we designed. I, making a choice is one thing but my choice ‘chooses ‘ me .. is again something not in my control. It teaches me to accept and move on with my failures.

Lesson #3

When he doesn’t have enough change to return for the fare chargeable of ₹80 and I paying him a note of ₹100. By offering me to pay him tomorrow (OK he knows I am a regular customer, but still …) he makes me realise –

The Risk Taking capacity of a person is not dependent on his economic status.

While I am not ready to leave the change of comparatively smaller amount of ₹20, until the next day , he on the other hand is ready to take that risk of his entire earning of the ride. This makes me wonder the definition of being rich.

Lesson #4

When he receives his fare, he touches his earning to his forehead before putting in his money box, teaching me the lesson of


That makes me pause before I crib for the issues with my job , that many people like him aspire to get. It teaches me to be thankful to God for what all I have received.

Lesson #5

When due to some unfortunate incidents, like flat tyre mid way, he is unable to drop me to my destination, he arranges an alternative for me. He knows this new driver would again charge me with the minimum fare and chooses to forgo his amount for the journey covered, to the new one. He bears this loss to make sure his customer does not suffer. This teaches me

How to serve the duty without always thinking of the returns .

We, in the organisation often talk about hikes and perks but people like him teach me how to put your service above all.

These are some of the simple things that happen in our routine and it seems so trivial. Only if we care to pay a little attention, they provide so much insight.

I shared this all because good things are meant to be shared.

If you find it good and worth, why not you share it too !!

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma.

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