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Let’s be hungry …Let’s be foolish!!

While debating over an issue , my brother in law once stated something that turned out to be a universal truth. To know who is right , we both googled . I, on the pros and he, on the cons of that issue and we both got our results. He then, all of a sudden said, the results of our search are according to the assumptions we had made .

He was absolutely correct. We find what we are looking for . To know the ultimate truth our query should be open and unbiased.

We must not assume a fact and then go for searching results proving that fact .

When blinded with our so called ‘wisdom’ we often fail to notice the obvious. Remember our science class ? Every fact had an exception .

Things that do not fall under the limitations of our knowledge, we term them as exceptional or paranormal.

In reality we need to expand our horizons of normalcy. Rest everything is normal as per the design made by the cosmos.

Let us free our search of all assumptions. Let us not be fooled by our wisdom. As Steve Job once mentioned in his speech

Let us be hungry, let us be foolish.

Let us be hungry to know more and more despite how much we have learnt . Let us be foolish, although not dumb.

Happy exploration !!

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