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Loophole or Hole in a loop ?

Via daily prompt loophole

When I read and pondered over today’s prompt – LoopHole, I felt the word has been misjudged and ill treated. As per the dictionary meaning, loophole means a flaw or inadequacy .

While if you see this word deeply it’s a hole in the loop. When stuck inside a loop we always look for a way out. A means to escape or break that loop. Why such a escape root is interpreted as a flaw?

This is same as what ‘Abhimanyu‘ was looking for, while fighting against the loop of his own brothers and uncles in the battle of ‘ Mahabharata’ .

Do you too feel the same or am I just over-interpreting??

(In the pic : My son at an adventure park in Leh, Jammu.)

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

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