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Morning in a Metro

Location : Delhi Metro 🚇 during its busiest morning hour .

As soon as the train arrived, two ladies with their ‘dashing’ skills and killer instinct , grabbed the seat, smashing through the crowd .

“See !! Such a heavy make up ! And look at her expensive dress !! (Pointing towards a girl standing next.)

“Where does she think is going ? Office or somewhere else !! These new generation girls are pathetic !”

And they both shook head in despair.

“So , How is Ginny doing ?”

“Oh Ginny, my poor daughter ! You know she prepare meals for the entire family and then leaves for her Office. She never had to pack her own lunch even before marriage.”

“Oh .. that’s pretty harsh on her. What’s her mother in law busy with ? These stay at home mother in laws are pathetic!!”

After a mournful pause.

“What did you bring in your tiffin today?”

“What else ? Same sabzi roti .. what else can Priya cook ? You do take a lesson from me and before you finalise Monu’s bride , make sure she can cook variety of dishes for lunch and breakfast.

Every morning all she makes is ‘Parantha’ for breakfast and ‘sabzi roti ‘ for lunch . I am fed up !! And you know now she has started this new thing – blogging. ”

“Oh yes ! She shared her post to me as well .”

“Is it ? All show off !!”

After a few stations and with fresh entrants.

“Look at that girl in green suit . Who wears such embroidery these days . Must be from some small town . Total ‘behenji’ types . Is this how you go to Office ?? This small town girls are pathetic.”

They both giggled and their station arrived.

Which lady according to you is pathetic of all ?

– Lazy and unskilled daughter in law ?

– Poor daughter?

– Cruel stay-at-home mother in law ?

– That Overly prepared girl ?

– That small town ‘behenji’ girl ?

– Or do you find something else bothering ?

Please do put your comments .

If you like it why not share it with others?Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

#feminism #myjourney #gossip #judgemental #sarcasm

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