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My Lost Identity

My son was doing a worksheet about different religions of our country.

Against all other religions columns were named ‘history‘ and ‘founders‘ but against Hinduism , it was ‘Hindu mythology’ and the founder column was missing for the same.

You can precisely find the history and founders of all religions but just because this religion is the oldest of all other, and its complete details are destroyed by the incoming invaders and remains are nowhere taught to the coming generations , I can safely term it as ‘mythology’ and not ‘history’. Myth – wherein Archaeological Survey of India has proof of that era.

And there is no one to question this terminology because its fashion today to make mockery of saints and spirituality and talking about our culture and heritage is against being secular.

We can have monuments and roads in the name of the invaders who looted our country not only of its wealth but it’s heritage and it’s origin too, but talking about protecting cow is being communal.

And for all those who are thinking this as another ‘Hindu’ Bhagat propaganda, the entry in my Matriculate form against the column religion was NOT HINDUISM.

Am I overreacting ? Is it ok to let my kids not know the complete history of their motherland?

Just a thought ..No offence..

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018.

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