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Once upon a time ..


Sir, I won’t be able to come today. My son is not well.”

” But last week too you were on leave !”

” Yes sir, that time my younger son had got fever. Now the elder one is sick.”

” You know we have an important meeting scheduled today.”

“Yes sir …but …. actually….he is in pretty bad..”

I disconnected the call. These ladies are pathetic . Shirkers and irresponsible…need leaves for every petty excuse . Would speak to boss this time not to put any lady worker in my team and a married one with kids a big NO!

“Rahul”, I called out my assistant, “please get today’s meeting rescheduled.”

“What happened sir ? Madam again on leave today ?” He added sarcastically.

“Yeah!” I sighed.

“Moreover no body else knows all the details of this project”. I murmured to myself.


On my way back home, I noticed a small kid , barely 3 or 4 years old, near the elevators. He was continuously coughing and crying.

“What happened ? Why are you crying?” I asked and looked around. There stood a maid busy over her phone. “Is he with you ?”

She nodded affirmatively. “This kid is crying and you are busy over your phone ? Where is his mother ? Let me inform how well are you taking care of him!” I fumed.

“She is not yet back from Office .”

“Didi , When will Mumma come ?”, the kid said with inquiring eyes towards that girl.

These ladies are pathetic. All they care about is, their job and office . Shirkers and irresponsible .

How true na.. some irresponsible ladies taking care of Office and some of home . All lazy and shirkers!!

I am sure you would also have seen such woman around you . Please do share views.

“Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it 😊Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

#feminism #genderinequality #worklifebalance #workingmothers #discover #sarcasm

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