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Peace Vs Silence

My seven year old daughter while doing her assignments, suggested ‘peace’ as the synonym for ‘silence’.

I could not agree and it led me here to share my diasagreements.

For her it could be same although I tried putting my point to her as well, in her terminology. Like , Silence is a chocolate and peace is what you feel after you have your favourite one! Now some kids don’t like chocolates , although rare but there must be some. For them , having a chocolate would not yield the same result.

Silence is the tool to achieve peace. Many of us may have a tool , say drilling machine or welding machine , but only an expert can use it. For rest of the world it’s just a machine. We may want the desired results of welding or drilling at times, but don’t want / know to use it .

Now here comes another catch- want and know . I might want something but not know it .

  1. Not know what I want ?

  2. If I know what , I might not know why to achieve that ?

  3. And might know what and why but not know how or where to get that ?

Some of us might have experienced complete silence but did we reach to the next level ?

While I was pondering all this , my daughter interrupted , ” Why are you silent , Mumma ? Tell me is it correct ?”

I was silent for her at that time but at peace now , after having outpoured what I felt.

And this gives another direction for silence and ultimate peace . To outpour , to free yourself of all that is inside you and bothering you .

In the world today full of distractions and information overload, making yourself silent gets even more important .

The more you dive in your insights, the better you know yourself and the Creation . As You are the Creation and the Creater lies within You.

As I heard a mystic saying once , the cosmos is vast and huge beyond your imagination and at the same time the whole cosmos lies in a tiniest soil particle .

So to know yourself is to know the cosmos, the Creation and the Creator .

Silence from outer world and silence from inner clutter results in peace and that leads us to Him and at the same time to ourself , our true identity.

All we need is to follow the path of silence and stick to it until we achieve peace and the ultimate bliss . Where everything is pure and clear. No doubts no confusion .

Where silence is peace and peace is silence.

So the question still remains , is silence and peace the same? What is your answer to this question. Please do share .

Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it 😊”

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

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