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The aunts play a very important role in Indian Household. Yes ! the Aunts – the elder ladies of the extended family. The mami jis and the tayi jis . I remember, my mother used to consult them before making any important decision regarding alliance or ceremonies etc.

After marriage I saw my mother in law, too in the similar role . That is very rightful also, as who else can guide us better than our elders. However, for the todays’ smart generation, this vital task has also been outsourced to web.

Be it appointment with a doctor, hunting for kid’s school, finalising a vacation destination, movies, daily household item….. We so easily resort to ‘reviews’ at the click of our ‘smart phone’ for that ‘smart advice’.

I wonder is it really OK to have our decisions so much dependent on such reviews ? Going back to the older system of our mothers, they know the person giving advise and vice versa. The ‘aunt’ is well aware of the variables affecting that context along with the constraints and working conditions of the subject matter. Same way the seeker of the advise also is well conversant with the advisor.

But in case of these ‘smart’ reviews that personal touch is totally missing.

There are many factors that impact what number of ‘stars ⭐️ ‘ would one give for a review.

I am not saying its wrong to take leverage of the information available but taking a review at a unwarranted/ premature stage can impact our decision making and refrain us from making correct judgements.

Every person has his own prespective. He may weigh things according to his needs and preferences that may and may not suit yours.

At the same time, as a review provider also , it becomes our moral duty to put our views with utnost care realising its impact.

We are already living in a ‘over-judgemental’ society, where we don’t hesitate to pass judgements / comments on casual passer by. It becomes all the more important to pause and think again before taking / giving review. To ‘re-view’ is this helping the judgement or impairing?

Just a thought !!

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