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Should every Cinderella wait for her Prince ?

It is said , your learn something new each time you read a good text.

True indeed. I was reading the Cinderella Story to my daughter, one more time.

She interrupted me in between while I was illustrating the torture of Cinderella’s step mom and step sisters.

“Mumma, why did she wait for the Prince to come and why didn’t she take any action against the injustice on her own ? What if she could never make it to the party ? What if the Prince could never find the real owner of that glass shoe?

And I was spellbound. I was proud of her question and at the same time astonished with the innocence with which she raised her doubt.

I never took this story beyond a simple fairy tale. I was glad she could.

Why do we always look for someone else to solve our problems?

Why do we always need a Prince for our rescue ?

And why boys have options of Super Heroes and girls of Princesses and Fairies ?

Why the fairer sex is raised as a weaker sex?

And when I see my kids having such queries in mind, I get a deep satisfaction within that I am able to perform my prime responsibility of raising sensible humans, upto some extent.

Am I correct ?

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

Pic courtsey DepositPhotos

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