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Steady Study

Via daily prompt study.

Existence is warranted by change. Every thing around us keeps on changing. Moment by moment cells within us are regenerating .

While change is inevitable, what’s in our control is to study and observe the changes around us and to make sure we are changing for the better.

I am in race only with myself . I want to grow better by studying and discovering myself and the universe. Although I find it a very illusive world . The more you know, the desire to study more and feeling, that you know nothing, increases.

I study to make myself a better parent , better spouse and a better human, than I was yesterday .

I study to check the change is progressive and not the opposite .

I am in love with studying .

Do you too feel the same or are you the blessed one to have reached the heights where the desire to know more ends ?

Copyright 2018 Parminder kaur sharma

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