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Success in corporate world – Brilliant ideas around us !!

Via daily prompt –Brilliant

It’s clearly written on the entrance door, when you enter into the cabin.

Yes !! push .. Push away your fellow coworkers ..your ethics .. your values .

But then don’t be surprised if in this process, one also get pushed apart by stress , negativity, anger, hatred and frustration.

Sad but true – Newton’s third law works here too .

No , no !! I am not saying that all corporates are unethical. There is another side of the door that says ‘Pull‘.

To Pull ourself out of the illusive world of false ego.

To Pull ourself out of the trap of materialistic achievement and rise above.

Now its upto us what brilliant idea and road map we follow.

Do share what according to you is a better option ‘ to push ‘ or ‘to Pull’!!

Wishing you all a very successful life.

“Sharing is caring ! Share it if you like it 😊Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

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