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The joy of running 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

Friends are often associated with joy.. the joy of ..

eating out..


Watching movie..

And even the joy in sorrow ..

Your bestie play a very important role in introducing you to yourself .. in letting you do things you would have never thought of even trying .. in making out the best of every moment of your life ..

I am blessed to have my bestie to let me to have all this and adding one more joy in life .. The joy of running ..

Running to me is very much like writing .. it makes me flow .. it makes me feel elated .. it shakes the neurons in me making my brain more active .. it makes me feel wonderful and like writing, when I try to chase a goal it seems too far and when I just surrender to it, the joy engulfs me ..

And I love it when I am able to combine my these latest passions as I virtually ‘write’ my posts while running ..

Do run whenever you can .. do write whenever you can .. and most important .. do enjoy .. whenever .. errrr No!! Enjoy Always !!!!

And did I mention that my bestie also happens to be my Hubby ?

Thank you Hubby 😊

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