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Time to Revisit God’s Creation !!

Continuing with my guest post series, introducing another Iron Lady who inspires me beyond words.

Asha Desai, a woman, whom I associate with strength, integrity and honesty . She has accepted all challenges in life, no matter how tough they have been. She is a Seeker for Almighty attention, a Banker by profession and a family and friends loving person. She works not for recognition but for satisfaction. I thank her for sharing her thoughts on this platform.

Woman: Aha! God’s wonderful creation !!

I happened to overhear a conversation between a lady Doctor and a would be father.

Father : Dr. Please do natal test of my unborn child.

Dr. : Are you out of your senses? So you don’t want a daughter?

Father: No it is not so. I have two daughters and I love them

Dr : So does that makes you less of a man ?

The response made the Doctor go speechless. ..

Father: No, Doctor. I just don’t want my daughter to be raped.

This stirred a chord in me. Gone are the days when daughters were not welcomed for being liability to meet her Dowry.

In today’s modern society with slogan of equality, girl child is not welcomed for the reason of her being molested, raped and finally killed.

No parent would like to live to see this day.

Will she ever get to live in this lust driven society as an individual.

I wonder how God marvelling on her creation must be revisiting if he did the right thing.

#childabuse #crimeagainstwomen #feminism #girlchild

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