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Today’s mom-in-law

Which according to you is the exploited and distressed relation around you ?

In my opinion, the mother in law of today.

Why ?

Well.. Just imagine. When she herself was a daughter in law, she was a complete homemaker taking care of her in laws , husband , kids , home, family….everything . She was the complete care taker of the house.

And now she is promoted to ‘ mother in law’ but to a working ‘ daughter in law’.

So , she is still the homemaker for the house. This time too, taking care of the house and her grandchildren.

Moreover, she manages to maintain a fine balance too, when the ‘daughter and daughter in law’ or ‘more than one daughter in law’ are together. Same way for their kids, taking care of all the grandchildren.

She is still taking charge of all the festivals and ceremonies at home.

So Ladies ! Let’s go a bit easy with her. We have ‘mother’s day’ , ‘sister’s day’ , ‘woman’s day’. Lets have a ‘Mother in law’ day and we need not wait for some date declaration. Let’s sneak out on any possible day and thank her for all she did and for all that she is doing.

What do you say ? Please do share your idea of the ‘M-I-L’ day. I am waiting for your comments.

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

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