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What is your favourite number ?

My son yesterday , while doing his homework , casually told that 1 is his favourite number .

Now , people rate numbers as lucky / unlucky but how can any number be favourite?

I counter questioned him further , “why so ?”

He said , one is the number of the winner. Everyone wants to be number one .

I probed him further, “but it is the least number. ”

” but Mumma, whatever number one has, he always want one more !”

And I was speechless.

How true na ! No matter how much we get, we always aim for one more. One is the number of aspiration and greed at the same time. Now where this number one takes you depends on your perspective and attitude.

While I was pondering all this , I wondered whether I was teaching my son or was it the other way round ?

What do you think and what’s your favourite number?

Copyright 2018 Parminder Kaur Sharma

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