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Why do I write ?

My colleague with deep concern in her voice , asked me ,” you have two young kids to take care of .. a full time job.. home … husband .. so many things to manage can you even think of doing something like Blogging???”

I simply smiled to her because deep within me I knew she just wanna say that rather than to actually know the answer.

But that kindled another question within me . Not for her, but for myself, I needed a clear answer. Why am I writing ?

When I was young , my father used to tell me to practice in writing to learn . He was right as whenever I followed him I could remember the answers and whenever I choose to go the easier way , trouble occurred during the examination hour !!!

Although at that time , I never introspected the logic behind.

When you write your whole being is involved – Your fingers , eyes, brain and your mind ( yes these two are different!! I have logics and experiences to back this theory but would talk about that later ) and all other support structure of the body . It’s a holistic process harmonising you.

By writing your heart out , I gain more and more clarity . Clarity about what’s going on within me . Clarity about the way this universe behaves. Clarity about the Creator.

It gives me awareness about the tiniest things happening around . I might not understand all but now atleast I am able to be part of it .

Writing helps me spread compassion. It helps me connect with myself and with everyone else reading it .

Writing helps me focus . Although I now feel that I should also learn how to unfocus too as writing has become an addiction for me now !!!

I thank her for asking me this question because you never know where the answers might lead you to..

Do you also find writing ✍️ as exciting ? Or do you find similar rejoice in any other activity ? Do share yours ..

Copyright Parminder Kaur Sharma 2018

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