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Wrinkled Smile 😊

Second post from my guest – Mrs Anuradha Nehra, sharing more of her wisdom and insight.

Like any other day, after seeing my son off to his office, i gave final touches to my home, saw myself once in the mirror while picking up my bag and rushed to Metro Station, because as always I was late for my office.

It was office time and every body was almost running on the road. Even at Metro Station when train came, people were pushing each other to get inside, hardly thinking about their fellow passengers.

Luckily I spotted an empty seat, sat down, closed my eyes, switched on the music on my mobile with headphones in my ears listening my favorite music channel of old songs.

All of a sudden someone from left nudged me.I opened my eyes feeling irritated and turned sideways to see an old lady smiling broadly.She started talking about routine stuff to which i replied politely taking out one side of earphone, but then without any notice

she switched to more personal.

WHAT! I was shocked. This is not the way. We, from Metropolitan cities, cultured, sophisticated ladies, we just don’t do it. When we go out , see movies, shop at malls, watch news, but we are not supposed to see / notice people.

This is SO ill mannered. No etiquette.

Everyone around was busy with their head down on their mobiles. My right side passenger was busy on Face-Book, sending likes/comments.One person opposite was playing video-game even while standing. Next to him was listening news.

Someone else whom i couldn’t see was negotiating a business deal arguing on phone.

All these people weren’t  even aware of who is standing next to them. But this lady who was very old and obviously not from a big city was looking around smiling broadly with her wrinkled face. And suddenly it occurred to me that she was

more alive, more young and certainly more humane.

I pulled out my other earphone , and saw the beautiful tree with flowers which that lady was pointing out to me and remembered that it was spring. Now i too was smiling broadly and thinking of nudging my right side neighbor.

Friends, mostly people say that old folks are very inquisitive and probing. But cant it be the other way round?

May be the people who have sympathy, empathy, interact and take interest in their surroundings are more healthy and make to old age.

#familytime #oldage #relationship #society

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